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Healthy is beautiful.

At Meraki Nails and Beauty, we have taken initiative to provide wellness inspired products that are health conscious, cruelty- free and vegan. Our nail polishes are “5-Free” (meaning free of 5 toxic chemicals) and above.

Our polishes are free of:


Classified as a known carcinogen, often used as a preservative. It is commonly used in building materials, plastics and nail polish. Formaldehyde serves as a hardener and strengthener.

Formaldehyde Resin

A derivative of formaldehyde that forms tough and shiny films, for high gloss and wearability. Can be a skin allergen.


A toxic chemical substance used in nail polish to provide a smooth application. Toulene has been linked to neurological impairments, respiratory problems and impaired human reproduction.

DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate)

DBP’s main role in nail polish is to prevent chipping and increase wear. Possible link to endocrine disruption.


Used to give nail polishes high gloss. Sometimes, used in cold remedies and nasal sprays. Linked to nausea, dizziness, headaches and allergic reactions.


Prevents nail polish from becoming gloppy. Known as a possible allergen and cause irritation to eyes, and respiratory tract.

Transparency is key!

We take pride in further protecting the health of our clients by not only sanitizing and disinfecting our implements but also sterilizing them as well. This process completely eradicates any bacteria, fungi and viruses that can lead to infection. All stainless steel implements (cuticle pushers, cuticle nippers and nail clippers) are placed in sterilization pouches and inserted into the autoclave. Sterilization occurs when the autoclave reaches temperatures above 200 degrees. Once the sterilization cycle is complete we verify that the implements are appropriately sterilized by checking for color change within the sterilization indicators located in the pouches. Any tools that cannot be sterilized are considered one time use and discarded.

We eliminate the potential for infection by using freestanding pedicure bowls and disinfecting them with hospital grade disinfectant after every client. No pipes or tubes here! Our pedicure stations are thoroughly cleaned after every client and we take pride in being recognized as a clean salon. Our Manicure stations are also wiped down and disinfected after every client to ensure we live up to our clients’ standards.