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Our philosophy: MERAKI, which is the essence of life!

Doing the things we love with absolute passion, devotion and pleasure. With Meraki, we seek to provide clean and ethical personal beauty. Pursuing the use of the use of non-toxic products, to uphold and maintain an atmosphere where clients and their loved ones can experience services that are clean, relaxing and beautiful.

Carolann Ruiz

The desire of caring for others has always been a deep-rooted passion for Founder, Carolann. This “Meraki” like sentiment turned into a fulfilling career as a Registered Nurse. Carolann has attended Western Connecticut State University for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing as well as Fairfield University for her Master of Science in Nursing. With her long history of caring for others, her desire has smoldered into instituting an idea, a standard to provide a nail salon, which focuses on health promotion and preservation with the ongoing pursuit of non-toxic product use. Seeing as though there is a need to shift the mindset when it comes to nail and skin care, Carolann believes Meraki Nails and Beauty can assist in change and empower her clients in believing that beauty should not be jeopardized by using harmful products. Carolann believes in the need to focus attention on mind, body and spirit and therefore: If we take care of our bodies, it will take care of us.